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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Project Management Office (PMO)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Project Management Office (PMO)

Project management is always challenging and especially top management always struggles to know the real status of the project. About 65% of projects do not meet project objectives and most of the time they realize once they consume all of their project budget, timeline, and resources. Results – unhappy stakeholders, loss in business.


If you have attended any tech session or project management event recently then you are probably hearing a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) in project management. But many of the session ends up with forecasting and speculation, not with any real solutions. We have been researching these solutions for last 5 years and struggled to find a single solution available in the market which complements the needs of Hybrid Project Management with the use of Artificial Intelligence.


According to our research, 90% of Project Management Software was designed covering fancy task management solutions. Project management software was not suitably designed considering the need for top-level management.The objective of the Project Management Office is to deliver strategic Initiatives, drive projects and importantly updating top management real-time projects, programs or portfolio’s status. But most of the PMO’s are using multiple software to generate those reports since they do not have any integrated solutions.


Throughout project life-cycle, any project encounters a series of risks and uncertainties that can cause a failure or sometimes it can create positive risks too. The team especially project manager and top management need to regularly assess and respond to all the risks they identify based on their experience, knowledge and available tools. The challenge with the ongoing risk evaluation can turn into a disaster if the team fails to register new risks on-time and escalate the same.


But what if you could use an intelligent risk scoring system and escalation AI software which historical data, risk logs and incoming requests to come up with an improved risk management process to manage more efficiently.  BASELINE PMO Software has sophisticated algorithms for predicting outcomes and identifying possibilities of threats and vulnerabilities affecting projects leading to reduce project failure rate and save resources cost.


Project Management Tool helps project sponsors, project managers manage project online with transparency and clear visibility. With AI-based PMO Software, users can view Project Summary with Brilliant Clarity, can manage schedule and cost baseline with proper audit trail and revision history. Forecast project Success or Failure using earned value management (EVM). In addition, Can manage resource calendar, measure resources velocity with load management! Track project delivery and milestone through user-friendly Kanban board and many more.