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E-Business and E-Commerce Learning

Companies are increasingly using computer and internet technology to facilitate doing business. In the modern world the internet provides a vast amount of opportunities for business to help run their business successfully. E-Business involves a wide range of electronic activities a business can partake in whereas E-Commerce refers to the process of buying and selling online. By studying the Alison Learning Path in E-Business and E-Commerce you will learn about the opportunities available to a company when they decide to conduct business online. You will learn how E-Business and E-Commerce can help a company reach new markets, market to customers, and increase sales. The Agile Learning in E-Business and E-Commerce is a series of courses that cover different areas of E-Business such as internet marketing and advertising, buying and selling online and social media for business.

E-Learning, E-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and E-Government is a compendium of articles and papers that were presented at EEE ’13, an international conference that serves researchers, scholars, professionals, students, and academicians. Selected topics include learning methods, e-learning, and educational tools, etc. Selected Sessions and Topics for example: Learning Methods, E-Learning + Educational Tools, and Related Issues E-Government And Issues Of Interest To Government, Elected Officials, and Relevant Agencies E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Banking, Enterprise Information Systems, and Security Management, Tools, Web, Information Extraction + Applications and Standards E-Commerce And Privacy + Education and Learning Methods + Knowledge-Based Systems Put simply, e–learning is electronic learning, and typically means delivering all or part of a course digitally, whether it’s in a school, part of your mandatory business training or a distance learning course. Help centre. Buying a course.

E-commerce the process of buying and selling of goods or services via the internet – is essential for modern businesses. This course will give you an introduction to e-commerce and discuss the environmental challenges and strategic challenges that organizations face. These include demand risk, innovation risk, and inefficiency risk. You will also study how the Internet, especially the Web, can be a useful device for reducing these risks.

Next, you will study important topics areas encompassing electronic commerce technology which include Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), circuit and packet switching, routing, addressability, and IP addresses. You will also learn about national information infrastructure, message distribution infrastructure, electronic publishing infrastructure, business services infrastructure, and the electronic commerce applications where all this infrastructure sits. The course will then discuss PDF or Portable Document Format and HTML or Hypertext Markup Language.