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How to Achieve Personal and Professional Growth?

Achieving PMP® Certification is not only an investment of time but also a good amount of money that is why most of the aspiring project managers are concerned about getting the right job for themselves.


If we look into the statistics then we will get to know, there will be 15.7 million new Project Management job opportunities by the end of 2020. Moreover, we foresee a $6.1 trillion growth in the industry’s track according to “ ………

Is getting your PMP® certification worth it?

To become a successful project manager, many aspirants are moving towards PMP® certification. However, many professionals are still confused whether this certification will convey any benefit in their life or not?


Getting a PMP® certification is not that easy. There are also some educational and professional experiences required to apply for the PMP® exam certification. Maximum time aspirants falter to spend time and money because of having vague ideas about this certification………..

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Project Management Office (PMO)

Project management is always challenging and especially top management always struggles to know the real status of the project. About 65% of projects do not meet project objectives and most of the time they realize once they consume all of their project budget, timeline, and resources. Results – unhappy stakeholders, loss in business.


If you have attended any tech session or project management event recently then you are probably hearing a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) in project management. But many of the session ends up with forecasting and speculation, not with any real solutions. We have been researching these solutions for last 5 years and struggled to find a single solution available in the market which complements the needs of Hybrid Project Management with the use of Artificial Intelligence ………..