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Agile Value Stream Leadership: P7 Value Leadership Strategy: Capacity & Capability Optimization

A GUIDE TO LEADERS FINDING THE BALANCE BETWEEN MAKING DECISIONS AND SOLVING PROBLEMS featuring Agile P7 Value Leadership Strategy: Capacity & Capability Optimization. 











Kaizen Cybersecurity, Agile Va

Whether you are a CEO, Board Member and/or other Leader who is seeking to become acquainted with Cybersecurity categories, concepts and/or terms, you will undoubtedly want to reference this valuable source. The more information you have at your disposal and the more practical experience you get, the better you will be at understanding the Cybersecurity concepts. The goal is to provide the reader with a comprehensive ready reference, yet to NOT overload you with information. This book presents the material at an executive leadership level, yet with relative substance. Experience and knowledge of security concepts, operating systems, and application systems will help you fully understand the challenges you face as a security leadership professional.